Christmas Coffee Gift Box Collection


What’s in the box? We have hunted down four specialty coffees from roasters all over Australia to select the very best Christmas inspired coffee box collection.

Jaffa, Stitch (Sydney) (250g)
Sleigh Queen, Straight Up (Hobart)  (250g)
Shadow Boxer, Rumble (Melbourne) (250g)
Puddin Tame, Cavalier (Brisbane) (250g)

Tasting notes with a story about each roast.

Why not also add your choice of Newy Distillery Vodka. Each flavour has been selected to create unique Espresso Martini (or Christ-ini) recipes.

Please note.

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  • The add Vodka option must be a gift and can only be delivered to another adult who is not the purchaser.


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Australia’s best Christmas inspired Coffee Collection

Christmas is a time to indulge everything we love the most – so let’s eat, drink (the best coffee, always) and be very merry…with festive espresso martinis!

We believe in spoiling ourselves (more than ever!) after this tough year so we’re making Christmas extra special and asked our top Aussie roasters to send us their best Christmas inspired festive blends.  Celebrate coffee this festive season with delicious blends brimming with Christmas flavours of indulgent Christmas pudding, boozy rum and raisins, raspberries, orange, and of course lots of chocolate.

The perfect Aussie gourmet gift for yourself, friends and loved ones.

Spoil yourself and celebrate this Christmas with us and our awesome Aussie artisan coffee roasters.

Why not also add your choice of Newy Distillery Vodka. Each flavour has been selected to create unique Espresso Martini (or Chrissy-Tini) recipes.  Choose from Caramel, White Shimmers, and Vanilla Bean Vodka options. The perfect gift for fun-filled celebrations and family and friends these festive holidays.

Cavalier Roasters

The Willy Wonka of coffee roasting John Bartlett from Cavalier Coffee Roastery Brisbane, Queensland has thrown his hat into the ring with the perfect roast for ‘Puddin Tame‘ which is rich, sweet, and full-bodied with chocolate, toffee, cranberry and berry jam, characters.


Straight Up Coffee

Just like the family matriarch has been perfecting their Christmas pudding over generations, Chicko Mackeen is in her third year of roasting ‘Sleigh Queen 3.0’ at Straight Up Coffee Roasters in Hobart, Tasmania.  Think rum-soaked plums with a super silky texture and rich cacao sweetness with a lovely grapefruit and lime acidity that shines on cooling.


Rumble Coffee Roasters

Christmas tradition always combines the best of old and new. Rumble’s Shadow Boxer is Coffee Selector’s first featured Melbourne roast that combines a nod to old school roasting tradition with newly sourced ways of trading and consuming coffee. When you sip Shadow Boxer, the best selling blend that’s a winning favourite in over 40 cafes in Melbourne, you’re drinking a coffee that has been sourced and roasted to represent the unique quality of the regions and farmers the bean originates from. An old school knock-out of a blend, Shadow Boxer by roaster Joe Molloy at Rumble Coffee is a satisfying ‘get out of bed’ blend for Christmas season bursting with flavours of dark chocolate, toffee and raspberry notes.


Stitch Coffee Roasters

Christmas without candy…is like Easter with chocolate eggs! Introducing Sydney roaster Nawar Adra from Stitch and their first Christmas blend especially for Coffee Selectors and Jaffa fans – JAFFA. A blend of two Ethiopian beans – the Adado washed bean hails from the Yirgacheffe region famous for its orange and apricot fruit flavours. The Raro Nansebo bean comes from the Guji region known for its chocolate, heavy body, and berry notes. Nawar ‘stitched’ them together for Coffee Selectors special Christmas box.

One 250 gram bag lasts about a week for one person drinking a coffee a day. Like the sound of this? Our coffee subscribers in the Home Baristas Club. say 1kg coffee in our monthly coffee destination plan is just perfect.  A different Australian city’s choice collection each month: The Home Baristas Club.

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Espresso, Plunger, Stovetop/Filter, Whole beans – not ground

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