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The Easter Choice Collection

The great Aussie Easter coffee hunt has selected the best gourmet coffee Easter box in Australia.  Because Easter is all about chocolate, we hunted down roasteries all over Australia to find four specialty coffees that taste simply of Easter delivering full-bodied mouthfuls of chocolate notes in every sip.  This exceptional box features beans and blends from the first specialty roastery from far North Queensland who combine a passion for coffee and eco-conservation, as well an introduction to a delicious single-origin bean from Timor – (you’re tasting this here first!) as well as coffee from one of the most well-known trailblazers of specialty coffee in Australia.  This box is bursting with great coffees and personality.  The only way to experience the best Easter coffees being served up in top independent coffee shops from Cairns to Perth to NSW Central Coast and Melbourne –   join us for this unforgettable gastronomic coffee adventure around Australia this Easter. The Easter bunny is hopping mad for this special edition selection of freshly roasted coffee all infused with deep, delicious chocolate notes.

What’s in the box?

White Whale – Timor-leste (250g)
Jimmy Grindz – Biggie (250g)
Five Senses – Risaralda (250g)
Tinman – Backgammon (250g)

Tasting notes with a story about each roast.

Please note.

  • Delivering March and April Australia wide for Easter
  • Buying this for a gift? Let us know to include a card in the checkout comments and if you would like delivered closer to Easter please also specify.


Prefer 1kg coffee bags? You can also purchase our Round 2 Home Baristas Awarded Coffees separately in our 1kg bag Home Baristas Awarded Coffee shop.


Like us, we know you’re passionate about where your coffee comes from. From traceability and sustainability in sourcing beans from the coffee farms to their roasting talent and dedication to produce the finest beans and blends lies at the heart of all our selected coffee roasters. They care. So we care. Your support today of Australia’s artisan roasters has the power to keep these roasters’ small businesses alive. Where we put our food dollars really matters and has a direct and immediate impact on producers, their staff, and their families. So let’s continue to show love and support the little guy.  Thank you.

Additional information


Easter Choice Collection (March), Home Baristas Awarded Collection (Pre-order April)


Espresso, Plunger, Stovetop/Filter, Whole beans – not grounded

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