Easter Choice Collection Box 011


What’s in the box? The great Aussie Easter coffee hunt has selected four specialty roasts with the best chocolatey flavours supplying cafes all over Australia.

White Whale – Timor-leste (250g)
Jimmy Grindz – Biggie (250g)
Five Senses – Risaralda (250g)
Tinman – Backgammon (250g)

Tasting notes with a story about each roast.

Please note.

  • Delivering March and April Australia wide for Easter
  • Buying this for a gift? Let us know to include a card in the checkout comments and if you would like delivered closer to Easter please also specify.


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The great Aussie Easter coffee hunt has selected the best gourmet coffee Easter box in Australia. Because Easter is all about chocolate, we hunted down roasteries all over Australia to find four specialty coffees that taste simply of Easter delivering full-bodied mouthfuls of chocolate notes in every sip. This exceptional box features beans and blends from the first specialty roastery from far North Queensland who combine a passion for coffee and eco-conservation as well an introduction to a delicious single-origin bean from Timor – (you’re tasting this here first!). There’s also coffee from one of the most well-known trailblazers of specialty coffee in Australia and a best-selling crowd-pleaser blend from one of Melbourne’s top cafes and roastery.  This box is bursting with great coffees and personality. The only way to experience the best Easter coffees being served up in top independent coffee shops from Cairns to Perth to NSW Central Coast and Melbourne –  join us for this unforgettable gastronomic coffee adventure around Australia this Easter. The Easter bunny is hopping mad for this special edition selection of freshly roasted coffee all infused with deep, delicious chocolate notes.

White Whale – Timor-Leste

Cairns, QLD

We’re super excited to feature our first specialty roaster from Cairns in far North Queensland that’s fast emerging as one of the hottest (pardon the pun) specialty coffee roasting hotspots in the country.  Today White Whale sell their beans to over 30 independent cafes and restaurants in Cairns and the surrounding region and their single-origin Timor coffee is the first time we’re featuring coffee from this new coffee-growing region that’s destined for great things – yep, you’re tasting it here first!  The Timor blend is a delicious chocolate mouthful with plum and brown sugar notes bursting with body and flavour. That’s not all. And with every cup, you’re helping to save our amazing Great Barrier Reef. White Whale is equally as passionate about eco-tourism and conservation and a significant portion of all coffee sales is donated to the Reef Restoration Foundation to save our endangered great barrier reef.  There’s never been a better reason to drink great coffee.

Jimmy Grindz – Biggie  

Gosford, NSW
We all love a laugh and we’ve certainly needed it in the past year.  Call these guys the comedians of the coffee industry – providing great coffee with lots of laughs to keep us all going. Beau Ryan’s a big fan and so are we.  There’s no holding back this Easter so we’re going with Biggie  – their classic Italian-style, dark roasted blend of four beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, Nicaragua, and India.   It all makes for a full-bodied, big chocolatey mouthful –  smooth and sexy flavour with hints of caramel and pralines. If there ever was a blend made for Easter – this is surely it.

Five Senses – Risaralda

Perth, WA

Originally from Perth and providing top cafes and restaurants all over Australia, Five Senses has been a trailblazer on the specialty coffee scene for years. Their coffee ‘family’ extends to all notable cafes in every Australian city and even beyond our shores to Asia and the middle east. Despite being known as one of the biggest names of specialty coffee, their commitment to quality in every single batch remains unwavering. They have a full-time green bean buyer and their beans are tasted up to eight times before being roasted for sale.  Fans of cherry cola, in particular, are going to love the unique Risaralda blend from Colombia that tastes like a luxuriously smooth cola-flavoured chocolate ganache.

Tin Man – Backgammon

Carlton, VIC.

While it’s a well-known fact that Melbourne was the undisputed trailblazer in Australias’ world-famous coffee scene, few know that the suburb of Carlton is where it all started.  We’re visiting the birthplace of our coffee culture this month with the best-selling Backgammon blend from one of Carlton’s favourite coffee shops, The Queensberry Pourhouse.  Cafe owner and head roaster, Ben Stronach, named this crowd-pleasing blend after his favourite board game with a passionate commitment to delivering exceptional versatility in every cup to be just like Backgammon  – enjoyed equally both black and white.   This season’s Backgammon is a blend of Colombian and Ethiopian beans roasted to a level that produces a cup brimming with rich, dark cocoa and marmalade notes. It’s the coffee equivalent of a high-quality dark chocolate bar – perfect for Easter! Full-bodied, very sweet, and high acidity – no wonder this buzzing American-diner style Carlton cafe attracts a loyal local clientele who line up for bottomless filter refills of the Backgammon to start their day.

One 250 gram bag lasts about a week for one person drinking a coffee a day (double shots of course). Like the sound of this? Our coffee subscribers in the Home Baristas Club. say 1kg coffee delivered featuring four selected 250-gram bag collections in our monthly coffee plan is just perfect.  A different Australian city’s choice collection each month: The Home Baristas Club.

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