Home Baristas Awarded Collection Box 004


What’s in the box? Four highest-scoring coffees from our Newcastle, Brisbane, and Adelaide City Choice Collections.

Willow Bend – The Godfather (250g) GOLD
Elementary – Young Street (250g) SILVER
Silverskin – The Boss (250g) BRONZE
Cavalier – Maverick (250g) WILD CARD

Tasting notes with a story about each roast.

Please note.

  • Delivering now Australia wide for a limited time only
  • Medals are not included but given to the roasters


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Our Newcastle, Brisbane, and Adelaide City Choice Collections award-winning coffees are featured in this Home Baristas Awarded Collection Box 004.

Together with our roasting panel, we’ve selected the best coffees in each of these cities. Our Home Baristas Club community of coffee connoisseurs have then tasted and assessed their favourite roasters and coffee beans in their monthly delivery to award the Home Baristas Choice Awarded Collection. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and sip the best of the best coffees that have won a place in this coveted collection.

Willow Bend’s The Godfather – GOLD 17.75/20 – Adelaide City

Respect is earned not given, and Willow Bend’s The Godfather is a gangster coffee that has our deepest admiration. You can certainly taste Roaster Ben Pankhurst’s passion for delivering the best part of the day. For Ben roasting in his own cafe is a way of life, steeped in Italian immigrant culture. This coffee is a strong, bold start to the day for serious coffee drinkers. For a traditional dark roast from Adelaide its chocolate, caramel, and almond tones have considerable depth and complexity with a deliciously unique taste.

Elementary’s Young Street – SILVER 17.71/20 – Adelaide City

If you’re in Adelaide city and hankering for a coffee, Elementary on Young St has this popular house blend that’s roasted on-premises by award-winning industry stalwart, Brad Nixon. Partners Brad Nixon and Carly Humphreys travel the world in search of coffee that aligns with their coffee values, sustainable, ethical & traceable. Their travels took them to Brazil last year to source the “Pedra Bonita” coffee used in their Young Street blend. This blend runs deep to the core of Elementary coffees moto ‘straight forward, uncomplicated yet exceptional coffee’. With notes of dark plum, hazelnuts, and thick cream.

Silverskin’s The BossBRONZE 17.27/20 – Newcastle City

Bronze medal winner, Australian Int’l coffee awards 2013. Especially great with milk. Perfect for cappuccinos and lattes.

Cavalier’s Maverick – WILD CARD 16.85/20 – Brisbane City

A fun adventurous blend that achieves a taste sensation roasted cinnamon and great for filter or espresso. Has candy-sweet flavours locals are calling ‘snozberry’.


Like us, we know you’re passionate about where your coffee roasters come from, and our support right now has the power to keep these roasters’ businesses alive. Where we put our food dollars really matters and has a direct and immediate impact on producers, their staff and their families. So let’s continue to show the love and support the little guy.

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