Are you ready for your Mixed Coffee City Choice Collections Australia?

Every Australian city boasts its own vibe and coffee culture.  Explore them with us.  Our Mixed Coffee Collections are curated by a City’s four best 250-gram bags of specially selected roasts. There’s a unique story behind every bag of coffee. Where it comes from locally, what makes it special, why it’s such a delicious pour. We hunt down the true artisan roasters behind each city’s local cafes. The ones you’re not going to find easily. Explore four varieties of artisan award-winning and new roasts from Australia’s coffee destinations in their City Choice Collections with tasting notes delivered to your door Australia wide.

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We’re stoked to be working on the upincoming boxed collections featuring some incredible Australian coffees from the best roasters in Sydney (January), Melbourne (February), and a special edition Easter Choice Collection (March). Stay tuned or get first dibs by subscribing to our Home Baristas Club monthly coffee plan.

1. The Sydney Choice Collection Box 09

WELCOME TO SYDNEY!  While the iconic Opera House is one of the wonders of the world (ok, we’re biased..but who wouldn’t be) and our urban beach culture envied – Sydney’s unique independent cafes and coffee culture are destinations all to themselves.

Our first fabulous Sydney tasting box showcases the best-selling and most loved roasts from the city’s best.

Featuring signature roasts behind its inner-city hipster cafes, to its most famous Instagrammed beach venues – our Sydney box has been created and curated by the specialty coffee pioneers and maestros that make Sydney’s coffee as legendary as the city itself.

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Single O – Reservoir

Combines beans from Kenya, Uganda and Colombia with a strong focus on the Kenyan Kirinyaga. Considered to be the bright spark of Single O’s premium coffees with its trademark vibrancy of stone fruits and structure in every sip.

Sonoma – Body

Rich, full-bodied, and flavourful with sweet notes of chocolate, caramel, maple, raisin, and toffee.

Fat Poppy – Hollywood

A flavour that equals bright lights and action is how the roaster describes their most popular blend which is a 50-50 combination of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans and tastes like a cup of chocolate-coated blueberries with hints of milk chocolate and honeycomb 

Stitch – Blackfield

Simply a great cup of coffee that’s created to combine delicious flavours of milk chocolate, peanut butter, and toffee. Four origins – two natural Brazilian beans, Caldas Royal and Mogiana, together with the washed Popayan Reserve bean from Colombia, and finished off with a Papua New Guinea highlands.


We’re stoked to share with you these collection boxes, featuring some incredible Australian coffees from the best roasters in Perth, Hobart, and a special edition Christmas Choice Collection. 

1. The Perth City Choice Collection Box 05

The Secret is Out! Perth may be known as the most isolated city in Australia but few will know that it boasts their own, world-class, unique coffee culture driven by locals’ discerning tastes for premium, specialty coffee. Our City Collection box features multiple award-winning roasts and signature blends from four of WA’s top roasters who run coffee shops and coffee concept stores that wouldn’t look out of place in Tokyo or Los Angeles.  

WA’s tight-knit coffee community has turned their geographical isolation into a very big positive. It’s forced them to create their own unique coffee culture that reflects their envied quality of lifestyle, nature, and weather. While locals have a thirst for coffee, they also demand the best from local roasters and crave premium, specialty coffees, matched by a desire to be informed and educated about the coffee they drink. That is why Perth is home to Australia’s first coffee concept shops and gastronomic coffee tasting experiences. Perth coffee drinkers do not hold back and are happy to push the boundaries in their coffee tastes. It’s all about experimental tastes meeting new experiences. Perth’s laid-back lifestyle combined with the locals discerning coffee tastes has made their coffee culture something to be savoured.  Our City Collection Perth is the closest thing to getting on a plane and discovering something new and special.  

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Blacklist – Killer Bee

Queen Bee will delight home baristas who love a stronger coffee with buzz! Notes of fruit, nuts and a dash of nutmeg.

Mano a Mano

It’s rich and syrupy, caramel and chocolate with a cherry on top.

Timely One – Dagoberto Oviedo 

Roasted to be balanced, sweet and clean. Medium-bodied and tastes great with – or without milk.

Margaret River – Midnight 

Mexican and Colombian blend combined to create a cocoa and berry milk bomb for a full bodied coffee that is rich, sweet and perfect with milk.

2. The Hobart City Choice Collection Box 06

Circling Tassie is on everyone’s bucket list and this collection features all the best coffee stops along the way. As the Artisan Capital of Australia, we knew we’d find some quintessential small-batch roasters to show off the best of Tassie’s coffees adorned by local foodies.

We’ve selected coffee from as far down South as anyone would want to go, hidden amongst native bush on the Tasman Peninsula, supplying coffee to solar-powered espresso bars perched on top of hillsides around Pirates Bay lookout in Eaglehawk Neck.


From Hobart’s CBD, we’ve got an early player in the scene ‘Villino Coffee’ with two cafes that are staple caffeine stops for local coffee lovers and visitors alike. Because we can’t go past a cobblestone laneway, we’ve stumbled across De Lacey Coffee Roasters selecting one of our very first organic coffees this year grown in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

If you’re into what’s intriguing about Hobart then you can’t go past Straight Up Coffee Roasters on your way to the MONA art gallery. Situated just up from the River Derwent this Cafe & Roastery is for the cool cats run by a pair of sassy female roasters.

Together these coffees claim that Tasmania’s air (some of the cleanest in the world) circulating through their roasters makes the coffee taste better! We’d have to agree but you’ll need to try for yourself.

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South Roast

From deep down South hidden amongst native bush on the Tasman Peninsula. Wholly dedicated to the land and the hand. 100% naturally processed specialty grade micro-lot beans from Brazil and Ethiopia to create this signature blend hand-roasted to create an exceptionally smooth, sweet, and complex cup.


A product of years of dedicated roasting and blending to create this perfectly balanced coffee experience. The Synergy Blend is rich, sweet, and full-bodied with a caramel character, syrupy fruitiness, and floral notes. They say it’s perfect for Home Baristas who like a rich, creamy coffee that cuts through milk.

de Lacey

Our first single estate PNG, organic coffee bean grown in the highlands of PNG that produces some of the best, organic coffee in the region. One of the consistent bestselling roasts from de Lacey Roasters and fine foods whose reputation for producing coffee roasts and blends have won this family several top awards all around Australia.


Straight Up

 ‘Wingman’, this is the coffee we’ve all been looking for that represents your dependable best friend who’ll never let you down and ensure you’ll always have a good time, night or day. Ethically sourced beans from Brazil and Ethiopia deliver a flavourful delight with hints of sweet honeycomb, chocolate, and almond flavours.

3. The Christmas Choice Collection Box 07

Christmas is a time to indulge in everything we love the most – so let’s eat, drink (the best coffee, always) and be very merry…with festive espresso martinis!

We believe in spoiling ourselves (more than ever!) after this tough year so we’re making Christmas extra special and asked our top Aussie roasters to send us their best Christmas inspired festive blends.

Celebrate coffee this festive season with delicious blends brimming with Christmas flavours of indulgent Christmas pudding, boozy rum and raisins, marmalade, and of course lots of chocolate.

The perfect Aussie gourmet gift for yourself, friends and loved ones.

Spoil yourself and celebrate this Christmas with us and our awesome Aussie artisan coffee roasters.

Why not also add your choice of Newy Distillery Vodka for a gift. Each flavour has been selected to create unique Espresso Martini (or Christ-ini) recipes.

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‘Puddin Tame‘ is a rich, sweet, and full-bodied coffee with chocolate, toffee, cranberry and berry jam characters.


‘Shadow Boxer’ is a mix of Brazil, Santo Antonio, Guatemala El Valle, and Papua New Guinea Kepai. Rich toffee and sweet raspberry lead into a lingering chocolate finish.   

Straight Up

 ‘Sleigh Queen 3.0’ flavour is rum-soaked plums with a super silky texture,  rich cacao sweetness, and a lovely grapefruit and lime acidity that shines on.



Christmas without candy…is like Easter with chocolate eggs! Introducing JAFFA, a blend of two Ethiopian beans – the Adado washed bean hails from the Yirgacheffe region famous for its orange and apricot flavours. The Raro Nansebo bean known for its chocolate, heavy body, and berry notes.

4. Round 2 – Home Baristas Awarded Collection Box 08

Four Perth, Hobart, and Christmas Choice Collections award-winning coffees are featured in this Home Baristas Awarded Collection Box 008.

  • GOLD 16.6/20 – Rumble (Shadow Boxer) – Melbourne
  • SILVER 16.2/20 – South Roast – Hobart
  • BRONZE 16/20 – Blacklist (Killer Bee / Queen Bee) – Perth
  • WILD CARD 15.8/20 – Cavalier (Puddin Time) – Brisbane 

How it works – Together with our panel of acclaimed Australian roasters, we selected the best coffees in each of these cities for our monthly subscription box. Our Home Baristas Club community of coffee connoisseurs then tasted and assessed all the coffees to award their favourite beans and roasters for the Home Baristas Choice Awarded Collection. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and sip the best of the best coffees that have won a place in this coveted collection ready for deliveries now.

Coffee Selectors and  subscribers to the Home Baristas Club coffee plan sipped their way through 360 coffee scores over September, October and November to award Gold, Silver, Bronze, and a wild card choice. Everyone loves scoring their favourite coffees and seeing them awarded (so they can enjoy them again!). You can also purchase the top 3 scoring coffees separately in our 1kg bag Home Baristas Awarded Coffee shop.


We’re stoked to share with you our city choice coffee collection boxes, featuring some incredible Australian coffees from the best roasters  in Newcastle, Brisbane and Adelaide. 

1. The Newcastle City Choice Collection Box 01

Newcastle is a cafe mecca for coffee lovers, with hipsters (and hipsters at heart) sipping on both traditional and alternative brews on every block. Locals consider their favourite cafes to be sacred. Newcastle isn’t just another coal and steel city, or sports mad, surf mad, or any other kind of stereotype. The hipster movement was born here and with that came a serious cafe culture. There’s a cafe on every corner (right next to the pub obviously!). Locals have more pride in their coffee than the Knights. OK, maybe that’s going too far but pretty close.  This city boasts acclaimed artisan roasters that are pioneering innovative roasting techniques around sustainability, carbon-neutral and sourcing beans. You name it, they’re into it!  No surprise that two of these selections are awarding-winning roasts.

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Silverskin –  The Boss
Bronze medal winner, Australian Int’l coffee awards 2013. Especially great with milk. Perfect for cappuccinos and lattes.
Josie – Purple Rain

When you’re in the mood the black. With Purple Rain, it’s very likely that once you go black, you won’t go back.

Sprocket – Atomic 3

An atomic threesome of beans blending three continents together. Silver medal winner at the Golden Bean Roasting Competition 2019.

Crema – Altitude

As its name suggests, this coffee originates from the highest altitudes above 1700m sea level.  If you’re looking for an exhilarating kickstart to your day, this one is assured to take you to new heights. If you like to live life on the edge, you’ll enjoy this adventure.

2. The Brisbane City Choice Collection Box 02

Brisbane City and surrounds have developed their own serious coffee culture in recent years. Our hand selected Queensland roasters are dedicated professional artisan roasters who operate commercial roasteries and supply the city’s top cafes and restaurants. One of our chosen signature in-house roasts even has hardcore fans in San Francisco where the Queensland born brand has successfully exported the Sunshine State’s unique coffee culture to the USA. As the demand for quality beans is reported to be skyrocketing here, these roasters have been perfecting their blends for a number of years and they’re absolutely delicious! 

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Sundays – Easy Like
A smooth easy-going blend that you’ll enjoy any time, of any day. A no-brainer coffee choice for relaxing with friends and weekends.
Cavalier – Maverick

A fun adventurous blend that achieves a taste sensation roasted cinnamon and great for filter or espresso. Has candy-sweet flavours locals are calling ‘snozberry’.

Semi-Pro – Hoop Dreams

Swirls around the tongue with a lively zing like a basketball spinning around the hoop, but then drops into the palate with a smooth well rounded milky chocolate and hazelnut finish.


A full-bodied roast with an unmistakable aroma of chocolate brownies that are bursting with energy to get your day started. No wonder it’s the ultimate wake-up coffee choice for fitness fanatics and anyone needing a strong start to their day.

3. The Adelaide City Choice Collection Box 03

Adelaide City has a unique coffee culture all of its own and most of the roasts selected for this box collection reflect the City’s most popular coffee taste – a  smooth and full-bodied brew with a deep and rich finish.  Could the City of Churches soon be known as the City of Coffee?  We think so.  Adelaide’s roasters define the City’s coffee culture as approachable and highly customised to personal tastes. It’s also worth noting that three out of the four coffee roasts selected in this box represent the signature in-house blends of b3, Elementary and Willow Bend – three of  Adelaide’s top rated coffee spots. Sorry, we’re out of stock now. To get first dibs on our city collections join our monthly coffee plan – The Home Baristas Club.


Rebel Alliance – Sitio Biquinha

A super exciting big-bodied blend that oozes depth.  Get ready for a tantalizing coffee that bursts with a melody of Asian fruits that lingers for a long time. Prepare yourself for an acidity that’s initially subtle and then starts punching on the tongue after a few seconds.  

B3 Coffee – Seasonal Blend

A classic ‘anytime of day’ roast with notes of chocolate coated hazelnuts, caramel and a lingering hint of stone fruit. This is a popular all-rounder blend. Easy on the palate but heavy on the traditional chocolate and hazelnut notes – it’s particularly suited to lattes and flat whites.

Willow Bend - The Godfather
Willow Bend – The Godfather
Respect is earned not given, and Willow Bend’s The Godfather is a gangster coffee that has our deepest admiration. This coffee is a strong, bold start to the day for serious coffee drinkers. This signature dark roast from Adelaide with chocolate, caramel and almond tones has considerable depth and complexity.
Elementary - Young Street Blend
Elementary – Young Street

If you’re in Adelaide city and hankering for a coffee, Elementary on Young St has this popular house blend that’s roasted on-premises by award-winning industry stalwart, Brad Nixon. This blend runs deep to the core of Elementary coffees moto ‘straight forward, uncomplicated yet exceptional coffee’ with notes of dark plum, hazelnuts, and thick cream.

4. Round 1 – Home Baristas Awarded Collection Box 04

Four highest-scoring varieties of Home Baristas Club Awarded coffees from Newcastle, Brisbane, and Adelaide City Choice Collections.

Together with our roasting panel, we’ve selected the best coffees in each of these cities. Our Home Baristas Club community of coffee connoisseurs have then tasted and assessed their favourite roasters and coffee beans monthly to award the Home Baristas Choice Awarded Collection. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and sip the best of the best coffees that have won a place in this coveted collection.

Buy the highest scoring coffees by home baristas community from 2020 Newcastle, Brisbane, and Adelaide City Choice Collections.

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Willow Bend’s The Godfather scoring 17.75/20 

Elementary’s Young Street scoring 17.71/20

Silverskin’s The Boss scoring 17.27/20
Wild Card

Cavalier’s Maverick scoring 16.85/20