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Single O – Reservoir

Single O is widely considered to have pioneered the emergence of single-origin and an authentic sustainable specialty coffee culture in Sydney to create the benchmark for other roasters globally to follow. Today, nearly twenty years after they opened their famous flagship cafe in Surry Hills, they continue to be an innovator and creator of many coffee industry ‘firsts’ such as with cold brew varieties on tap, a cold brew breaky schooner, and importing record-breaking beans from Ethiopia to pour Australia’s first $20 cup of coffee (worth every cent!). The list of Single O’s mindful practices to do their bit for Mother Earth while supporting the beans and dreams of people and the planet goes on to improve pressures at the origin, cafes, and roastery operations but we believe their biggest game-changer yet has been pioneering a bladder based industrial design system now used by many conscious baristas, and saving the planet from millions of plastic 2 litre bottles. Let’s sip to that!

With an established flagship cafe in Surry Hills, a permanent coffee stall in Sydney’s most famous gourmet farmers market, and even an outpost in Tokyo – Single O’s locations go straight onto our ‘must visit’ travel list.

Their signature Reservoir blend – aptly named after the street where the Single O sprung from the ashes in 2003 – is the pride and joy and the popular staple that everyone returns to.  This current edition of their house blend combines beans from Kenya and Colombia with a strong focus on the Kenyan Kirinyaga where Single O handpicked beans from hundreds of cupping lots to ensure consistency and quality are served in every cup. Considered to be the bright spark of Single O’s premium coffees with its trademark vibrancy of stone fruits and structure in every sip, you’ll understand why GQ Australia called this one of the brightest and sweetest coffees you’ll ever try. Simply an iconic blend from a Sydney coffee icon.


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Our coffee plan subscribers in the Home Baristas Club sipped their way through 360 coffee scores to award Single O Coffee Roasters blend Reservoir a Gold Medal for their highest score achievement of 16.4/20.

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