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Western Australia may be far away (and now out of bounds) for most of us but that’s not going to us stop us from enjoying some of the best Aussie coffee from their hidden gem microroasters in our latest coffee box collection delivery.

Transport yourself to WA’s wine and surf country with the finest specialty coffee from Margaret River and be one of the first to sample a popular newcomer roastery that’s taking the Perth coffee scene by storm in past few years.  Back by popular demand, here’s another coffee tasting tour to discover the best of WA’s coffee gems this month. Even with closed borders, Aussie coffee lovers and home baristas are determined to enjoy WA’s best brews and blends, delivered straight to your door.

Daylight Coffee Roasters – Dawn

Newcomer alert! Baristas turned roasters (and good mates) Jake Chapman and Alex Lowes established Perth’s newest roastery in March this year with a shared vision to bring great coffee to the masses – because great coffee shouldn’t be only for the elite or coffee nerds, right? Within a few short months, they’re already making headway by providing some of the city’s top cafes with their fabulous house coffees and single origins. Here’s their house, Dawn – a single origin from washed beans grown in the Kaw Kaw Mountain region of Papua New Guinea and air roasted to perfection on the magnificent Loring S15 Falcon to deliver a consistent and balanced bold taste with notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and local honey. This is your everyday, anytime of the day coffee – expect different layers of sweetness in every mouthful. Sweet and bold with extremely low acidity and medium sweetness.

Margaret River Roasting – Midnight

We have returned to one of your favourites from last year. By popular demand – the delicious seasonal blend from our favourite Margaret River Roasting who are also the Coffee Selector panel for WA this round. Their house blend continues to gain in popularity and this season’s blend doesn’t disappoint. This seasonal Midnight Blend is a deep, rich flavour experience. When enjoyed with milk, you will notice deep berry notes complementing rich chocolate flavours. When served black, expect to taste sweet berry with a hint of citric acid, adding an exciting sparkle to the experience. The experience is the same – drink Midnight if you love deep flavours in a rich and bold brew.

Commonage Coffee Roasters – Main Break

Surf, beach, vineyards and coffee. This is why Australia is called the Lucky Country. Locals and tourists who head towards Margaret River, stop at Yallingup, for the best coffee in the area where Commonage Coffee Co has set up a roastery and cafe on his property. All the single origins and blends here are named after the local surf spots – and the delicious house blend is aptly named Main Break. This is Commonage’s house blend coffee – an organic single estate Colombian which Reece has the WA exclusivity to, roasted with another single estate from Guatemala and finished with a tiny amount of Ethiopia beans to add a touch of fruitiness. One of the cleanest coffees with a difference you’ll ever taste – no bitterness, with caramel and toffee notes with a white peach flavour. The popular roastery and cafe also offers coffee tastings – when we’re free to travel, there’s no better reason to visit the Margaret river region.

Modus – Luis Anibal

Modus is a well known coffee destination in Perth and their stellar coffee success has propelled their recent expansion from one of the city’s original coffee strips in Mount Lawley to a larger space in Victoria Park, in addition to their latest opening in Wembley. Their house coffee, Luis Anibal comes from one of Colombia’s most progressive and experimental coffee farmers – Luis Anibal Calderon, who Modus has built a long term supportive and sustainable relationship with. And further proving their support, Modus pays 92 percent above the market rate for this particular green bean that’s air roasted by head roaster Rachel Elliott to create Modus’ popular house espresso. It’s proven to be a winner with notes of hazelnut, citrus and milk chocolate in every cup.

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