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Selector Carlos is a self-proclaimed coffee snob living on the Gold Coast for the past seven years.

His passion for specialty coffee started over a decade ago in his home country Ecuador where he had the chance to frequently visit his good friends’ cacao and coffee farms located in Ecuador’s beautiful rainforest regions of Los Rios, Loja and Pichincha.

Working closely with his friend, Carlos or EC.Barista, as he likes to be called nowadays, learned about specialty coffee, processing and roasting methods, and much more, which helped him develop a refined gusto for coffee.

Taking his passion worldwide, Carlos has visited several coffee roasters and coffee shops with the goal in mind to share with his online community the best places to buy coffee beans and to have a quality cup of coffee.

Carlos says:

As the Gold Coast grows, so does the coffee culture. The quality standards for good coffee are very high on the Gold Coast. Roasters and coffee shops push for perfection every day, and local are loving it.

Are these roasters also your fave cafes to drink in?

Yes, especially Zephyr Coffee has an amazing location at Kirra, with ocean views and very chill/surfy vibes. In addition to that, the food is great, and also nothing can beat the smell of freshly roasted coffee.

Quest Coffee has a great vibe. They are located at James Street in Burleigh Heads, which is the main street where all the shops are.

Ground Control is very industrial, and it has a cool vibe and retro decor. You can see the crew roasting coffee and packing orders while you enjoy your coffee. The light is amazing, so it is very Instagramable.

Social Espresso is a little nugget hiding in Burleigh Heads industrial area, always good vibes there. I love to observe the contrast of the clientele. On one side, you have the office/business people, and on the other end, you have all the gym crew that has finished a workout and go for a post-workout coffee.

Your top coffee spots on the GC ?   

  • Nook Espresso Burleigh Heads
  • Quest
  • Zephyr
  • Espresso Motto Palm Beach
  • Zink Kingscliff

When you are not in a coffee shop or cafe … you are most likely to be found? 

  • Working at my office
  • Working out at Burleigh
  • Surfing
  • And of course, brewing coffee at home 🙂

Best thing about living on the Gold Coast? Or what’s unique to living there?

The ocean, the coffee and the people. This is paradise!

And why do you think the GC has such a high standard of coffee roasters?  

The coffee industry is highly competitive, especially in a small city such as the Gold Coast, where you have a new coffee shop opening every week.

I believe the supply and demand of a specific product in a small market make business owners push harder to produce high-quality products.

This fierce competition has raised the bar very high for coffee shop owners and local roasters.

In my opinion, you don’t have to travel to Melbourne anymore to get the “perfect cup of coffee”.

What makes GC coffee culture unique? 

The vibe in the Gold Coast is unique, the clash of the surf and urban culture is amazing to watch.

The beauty about it is that in the end we all agree on one thing and that is we all love good coffee.

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