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Brisbane City and its surroundings have developed their own serious coffee culture in recent years. Our hand-selected Queensland roasters are dedicated professional artisan roasters who operate commercial roasteries and supply the city’s top cafes and restaurants. One of our chosen signature in-house roasts even has hardcore fans in San Francisco where the Queensland-born brand has successfully exported the Sunshine State’s unique coffee culture to the USA. As the demand for quality beans is reported to be skyrocketing here, these roasters have been perfecting their blends for a number of years and they’re absolutely delicious!

Cavalier – Maverick

A fun adventurous blend that achieves a taste sensation roasted cinnamon and great for filter or espresso. Has candy-sweet flavours locals are calling ‘snozberry’.

Sundays – Easy Like 

A smooth easy-going blend that you’ll enjoy any time, of any day. A no-brainer coffee choice for relaxing with friends and weekends.

Semi-Pro – Hoop Dreams

Swirls around the tongue with a lively zing like a basketball spinning around the hoop, but then drops into the palate with a smooth well rounded milky chocolate and hazelnut finish.


A full-bodied roast with an unmistakable aroma of chocolate brownies that are bursting with energy to get your day started. No wonder it’s the ultimate wake-up coffee choice for fitness fanatics and anyone needing a strong start to their day.

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