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Coffee is the best Christmas cheer


Christmas is always the season for special and long awaited celebrations with family and friends but this year, the festive season will mean a lot more to many of us especially for those who have been in COVID lockdowns and looking forward to celebrating Christmas more than ever. There’s never been a better year to spoil yourself and start getting prepared  and excited for the silly season ahead with  seasonal Christmas coffees  to ease yourself into a fun filled festive season.

Seasonal Christmas coffees brimming with notes and flavours of our favourite treats have always been a great way to combine some festive flavour into our favourite drinks from sharing a coffee pot with friends around a kitchen table to getting creative with coffee inspired Christmas cocktails and desserts – we’ve got it all covered for you with our unique Christmas gourmet coffee box. Santa definitely won’t be waiting until Christmas Day for this treat – and neither should you!

Shop the Christmas Choice Collection – Cool Hand Ro Sham Bo, Rumble’s Haymaker, Lords – The Mullet, and Stitch’s exclusive Lamington blend.

We’ve searched all over Australia and sampled many Christmas coffees from top microroasters to come up with the best Christmas coffee blends that have been handpicked for this year’s seasonal coffee box, a sell-out gift for last year and a favourite present to take to family and friends gatherings throughout the festive season.  

Included in the festive Christmas box is a Lamington-inspired blend from Sydney roaster Stitch, a Christmas coffee from award-winning Home Baristas choice roaster Rumble from Melbourne, a bright young thing newcomer roaster Cool Hands that’s destined for big things with their Ro Sham Bo blend made from beans from Brazil’s most sustainstable farmer and a Hunter Valley local celebrity maverick turned roaster, Lord Mullet.  All seasonal coffees capturing the best of Christmas we want to savour – aromas of seasonal flavours brimming with fun times and essential to get you through all you need and wish for this Christmas. 

For a little something extra for coffee lovers to try we are also adding two of Stitch’s Isshu-Kan drip bags for quality brew with minimal equipment while at work, staying at friends and family, or weekends away. Japan is leading the way in home brewing alternative s and we’re all onboard for better ways to try great quality coffee brewing styles.

Those wee elves all hanging around the espresso machine for this one. They’re digging our local true-blue Aussie Christmas combo of coffee, family, and friends shared with laughter and good times. Coffee Selectors has also just launched their new Coffee Gift Subscription offering, perfect for those looking for a gift for their coffee-loving friend!

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