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Winners of the inaugural Home Baristas Awarded Collection


Local neighbourhood coffee roasters became overnight national sensations among Australia’s coffee obsessed Home Baristas community when Coffee Selectors announced the winners of the inaugural Home Baristas Awarded Collection which featured the four highest scoring roasts (out of twelve) that were tasted and rated in the past three months by  home baristas all over the country. The first Home Baristas Award Collection celebrated coffee roasters and their flagship cafes across three major cities – Adelaide, Brisbane and Newcastle.  

The Godfather roast from Willow Bend in Adelaide took gold medal honours and still remains a perennial favourite of home baristas who are still re-ordering this stellar Italian-style smooth, dark roast more than a year after their epic win.  In a nod to Adelaide’s early Italian immigrant history and his own ancestry, roaster/café owner Ben Pankhurst’s winning coffee blend won accolades for its strong, bold flavour that provided the perfect start to the day for serious coffee drinkers. In the words of a local Adelaide fan – “drinking Ben’s coffee whilst whiffing the roasting is like floating in Willow Bend clouds,” and Home Baristas agreed. 

Home Baristas also loved The Boss from Newcastle roaster, Silverskin – was a bronze medal winner at the International Australian Coffee Awards in 2013 and Maverick from Brisbane’s Cavalier with its unique combination of cinnamon and sweet candy notes.

“After three months of tasting a total of twelve handpicked coffee roasts from Adelaide, Brisbane, Australia’s newborn home baristas community were so excited to score every coffee based on its taste, appearance and smell, resulting in the four top coffees being chosen for their namesake collection which represents the best of the best as tasted and rated by coffee obsessed home baristas,” said Jessica Sullivan, founder of Coffee Selectors. 

Coffee Selector’s pioneering coffee-tasting subscription is the only one that handpicks four different roasts and blends  in different city every month, showcasing the best of Australia’s roasters every month.

“Our customers love the variety and adventure that comes in every monthly box as it’s the best way for them to virtually visit the best of a city’s coffee culture and cafes without leaving their home – certainly a plus during Covid travel lockdowns.” 

Interestingly, the four winners in the Awards Collection celebrated the diverse tastes of how our Home Baristas community consume their coffee  – Maverick is perfect as a filter and espresso, while Silverskin is best suited for milk-based coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos.   

“Australia has come a long way since it invented the flat white and our coffee tastes have become more sophisticated in the way we drink our favourite morning tipple, but also consumers are interested to know about the sourcing, origin as well as the ethics and creativity of the roaster behind each coffee which is explained in tasting notes,” said Sullivan.

Coffee Selectors co-founder Melinda Butts who is based in London packed The Godfather blend in her suitcase and took it on holiday back to its Sicilian roots – coffee well travelled indeed – and pictured here in the piazza of Favignana, one of Sicily’s hidden hidden gem islands.

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